About Us

We are a fully integrated business research & consultancy company based in the United Arab Emirates.

“Although we are based in the UAE, we work with corporates and individuals within the UAE as well as in other Middle East and North African countries. “

We help our clients develop strong working and enviable relationships to ease their transition into the MENA marketplace. Our Consultants, of different nationalities, come from a variety of professional backgrounds with excellent research and communication skills. Most are experienced in working across different countries and industry sectors. The MENA Professionals are incountry consultants and cover Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

Africa is a continent offering many new opportunities and we have Consultants who are knowledgeable in this region, e.g. Nigeria and Ghana. We have UK based researchers and consultants who cover most of mainland Europe. Our skilled Consultants are happy to travel and carry out research in other countries, as and when required. We speak a variety of languages and most work is undertaken in English and/or Arabic depending on the requirement. The translation services are part of our Research Department. Typically, our clients are looking for industry specific information and data.

Our Expertise


We are a particularly valuable asset to businesses in the food and beverage industry, healthcare and education. Our experienced and skilled researchers are adaptable and can cover most other sectors of the business world.


A delegation is a successful delegation in the hands of The MENA Professionals. We will guide you, introduce you and take good care of you throughout your visit to the UAE or any other Middle East or North African country.

Route to Market

A company has its own unique personality and requirements. Explain to us what you want and we will be there, advising you every step of the way. We’re smarter marketers – we get the job done – relax, you’re in great hands.

Connecting You

The MENA Professionals pride themselves on the calibre of our contacts. Our vast network is continually expanding. These are the people we speak to when we’re matching your needs. We applaud these talented individuals.

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We all need a little help in deciding who to work with, especially in countries we’re new to. Across different sectors, The MENA Professionals will help strengthen your decision making process. Our success stories are evidence of our commitment to our clients and their accomplishments.

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The MENA Professionals are a group of very capable individuals who work together to bring the best possible results to our clients.We gauge each individual client’s requirements and together design an A-Z roadmap to ensure a successful outcome. From research to marketing, from design to distribution we are here for you.