The MENA Professionals have worked in the education sector on a variety of projects – research, marketing and social media.

There is a massive upswing in the number of schools being built in the MENA region, particularly where there is an influx of expats. The whole area is becoming a magnet for those wishing a better quality of life with a higher income from work.

Businesses are seeing the benefit of locating either their head office or branch/ representative office to this region. The UAE is at the crossroads of the east and west, excellent airline and freight services, zero tax implications, the availability of educated staff, the quality of apartments and villas, the security and, of course, the education standards.

The new railway will become another strong pull with the transportation of goods becoming much more economically viable cutting air freight costs. Passenger rail services will connect the GCC members – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. This rail network is due for completion in 2018, 2 years before the UAE’s Expo 2020.

The UAE attracts some very good and well-qualified staff. Nearly everyone speaks English. Arabic must be taught to every pupil attending UAE schools.

We have worked with some of the best educationalists in the world, school project leaders who outperform their western peers and design and marketing companies who are brought on board by the schools to ensure their child places are filled.

We will be very happy to carry out in-depth research on your behalf. If you require marketing and/or social media strategies we’re the team you might like to talk to.

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We all need a little help in deciding who to work with, especially in countries we’re new to. Across different sectors, The MENA Professionals will help strengthen your decision making process. Our success stories are evidence of our commitment to our clients and their accomplishments.

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The MENA Professionals are a group of very capable individuals who work together to bring the best possible results to our clients.We gauge each individual client’s requirements and together design an A-Z roadmap to ensure a successful outcome. From research to marketing, from design to distribution we are here for you.