Health Care

As business consultancy professionals in the Middle East we take great pride in working in the health care sector in the Middle East, particularly Dubai and the UAE, continuing to develop strong working relationships with medical outlets globally.

We are constantly looking for partners for delegate members who visit the UAE through one of our health care delegation programs. The MENA Professionals are delighted to represent countries where their advancement in medical services and products is well known and recognised globally.

Medical Tourism is a growing sector of Health Care and as such we can research the necessary hospitals and specialists on your behalf. We act with complete discretion.

Our research projects are normally based on the client’s requirements and we are happy to discuss our involvement in your venture.

The MENA Professionals are the official partners of FinlandCare in the United Arab Emirates where we assist in representing the various FinlandCare members when required. We provide research, organise delegations and carry out other projects as required.

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We all need a little help in deciding who to work with, especially in countries we’re new to. Across different sectors, The MENA Professionals will help strengthen your decision making process. Our success stories are evidence of our commitment to our clients and their accomplishments.

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The MENA Professionals are a group of very capable individuals who work together to bring the best possible results to our clients.We gauge each individual client’s requirements and together design an A-Z roadmap to ensure a successful outcome. From research to marketing, from design to distribution we are here for you.