The MENA Professionals have been involved in the detailed research of a number of industries …

Covering the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Egypt, our ‘on the ground’ researchers are trained to a high standard.  We understand the difficulties faced by companies entering these markets and in getting good quality data.  Our work also includes sourcing partners, sourcing experts in certain fields within the food and beverage industry, representing clients at meetings and in negotiations, and developing excellent relationships to enable businesses to move forward.

Our focus on the initial research allows companies to make informed decisions relating to the market. We aim to provide honest, straightforward analysis of the data as well as our knowledge of how the business sectors and industries operate, including the competitive landscape, allow decisions to be made which are backed up by solid information. 

Over time we become the sounding board for our clients’ decision and we are honoured that clients remain with us for long periods of time and in most cases since the beginning of The MENA Professionals in 2015.