Learning from the very best of the world’s teachings and putting its own exemplary spin on it, Dubai’s education sector is now world-renowned for its systems including school reporting and pupil safety.

Many international schools have been attracted, and continue to be attracted, to Dubai and maintenance of their continued quality schooling is reported by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority  in Dubai. KHDA is a powerhouse of fabulous and extremely well-educated people who have the interests of individual pupils at heart, having developed not only a great educational system but ways to help teachers and principals to help with their mental and physical health.

KHDA developed systems to ensure education at home during the COVID-19 period was of a high level and disruption to pupils’ education was minimal.

The investment in school buildings and infrastructure is high. As most buildings are relatively modern the facilities are excellent. As an example, the Swiss International Scientific School (SISD) has an Olympic sized swimming pool.


Further details to follow…check-in often!



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